Friday, 30 December 2011

Midnight Mass at 21.00!

I'm an aspiring writer but undisciplined when it comes to sitting down every day and writing a few pages. My son and daughter suggested a "blog page" and yesterday my daughter Joanna set this up for me! Today, I was reflecting on the Christmas days; our son Paul and Chinese daughter-in-law Li Li traveled over from Scotland to join us for the festive days. On Christmas Eve I told the family I was attending Midnight Mass (at 21.00) and asked if anyone wanted to join me. Li Li thought it would be nice to go along for the atmosphere and see what it was all about and Joanna decided to join us. It was indeed a lovely service with the choir, candles and a tastefully decorated crib near the altar. After mass, I related the Bethlehem story to Li Li and also mentioned the "immaculate conception." and that's where the trouble started; the more I verbalised the account, the stranger the story sounded! Something that was a "given" for me since childhood sounded daft when I tried to explain it! I then switched to a quick summary of the 10 commandments saying they were guidelines in life and left it at that.Quick introduction to Christianity! Back home, I mentioned the above phenomenon to my son and he replied that he thought it was a daft story when he was seven years old! I'm not ready for the big debate; my  beliefs are like a warm old cosy coat which I'm not going to give away to the charity shop. Not yet anyway.                              

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hi all just testing out my new blog here. Stay tuned for some of my musings to come!