Monday, 2 January 2012

The Healthy (Prolonged) Breakfast.

A few years ago I decided to switch my breakfast fare for the healthier alternative of fresh mixed fruit. This involves cutting up an apple, adding a mandarin and banana, squeezing an orange and adding the juice to the fruit. A dietician on a radio programme spoke glowingly about Cinnemon powder so a generous sprinkle goes over the apple. Finally, I add a helping of oatmeal and a few spoons of probiotic natural yogurt with  a teaspoon of honey.Then I read an article  by a Scottish nutritionalist who wrote that we should never give our stomachs a shock first thing in the morning with cold drink or food; she advised that we should start our day with a glass of warm water.This duly took precedence and is handy for swallowing the vitamin tablets and cod liver oil;  (think of lubricating those hip and knee joints!)   The benefits  of  a clove of  garlic and some  fresh  ginger  are well documented for boosting the immune system so the chopping board then made its' appearance each morning.Chop it up, mix it in with a spoon of yogurt, then down the hatch! A friend mentioned the benefits of two spoons of cider vinegar in a little warm water and I lined this up before the garlic and ginger. In the Health Shop I heard about the increasing popularity of a variety of seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin and hemp which had to be ground down for better absorption.Thankfully, one can now buy this ground and mixed, so a few spoons are added to the fruit.Then there's the Lecithin granules for keeping the cholesterol levels at bay; a few spoons will suffice. Our son was home for Christmas and remarked that my "breakfast routine" was taking considerably longer than on his previous visit. Now here's the dilemma; will I persevere or go back to the tea and toast?


  1. For "Considerably longer" read: "Nearly an hour"!

  2. I like your breakfast . It looks delicious and nutritious. Breakfast is important, good breakfast will days goes smoothly. I read in some newspaper , good breakfast helps put on weight.