Thursday, 12 January 2012

Most Men hate the Sales.

Last week I went into Dublin town to have a look around the shops as the Sales were on and the first big rush was over. I would not be an avid shopper but a bit of retail therapy never went amiss especially if there are genuine bargains out there. My shopping list was modest enough; a  pair of jeans, a navy cardigan  and a jumper or two of my fancy! When I was going around the Ladies Fashion departments in the bigger stores, I noticed the amount of men sitting outside the fitting rooms. To say that they had a condemned look on their faces was putting it mildly; they looked utterly miserable. Only a few hardy annuals amongst them thought of bringing a newspaper or their book. I thought of my own spouse who would never venture into the Male Fashion department during the Sales, let alone accompany me on a Ladies Fashion department Sales outing. One cannot help but wonder why the respective partners of all these condemned males did not suggest that they go off for a cup of coffee and said partner would join them in an hour or two. Certainly the man's opinion is needed when the fitting room curtains are swept back and the lady appears in the prospective garment. Is the advice  honest though? A size bigger or smaller, does my bum look too big, another shade perhaps, could be met with a soleful gaze to the wristwatch and a reply implying, are we ready to go now (which is a childhood echo of;  are we there yet?) In one department store, upstairs in the Ladies Fashions there are now islands of comfortable chairs all along the floor. Someone on the Management Team in this store has picked up on the phenomenon of the condemned men during the Sales; at least they can now be comfortable condemned men, whereas before they were uncomfortable condemned men sitting on a plastic or wooden chair outside the fitting room. My daughter was recently over in a south side shopping centre and in one of the department stores the Management Team had obviously been brainstorming to help the lot of the condemned men. Guess what they came up with? An area with comfortable chairs and a TV showing sports programmes! Women on the other hand are a more resilient breed but ladies, we just might see "chilling out" areas in our supermarkets soon offering free foot massages to get us up and down those aisles.


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    1. My father also hats shopping with my mum. It seems like the fact most guys dislike shopping. But the funny thing is most clothes designers are male.It is quite strange.

  2. I can count how many times Paul go shopping with me. He hats shopping . At the beginning I am a bit disappointed feel a bit lonely. Then I discuss with other friends. It seems like most of their husbands also hate shopping. Thanks for online shopping. I have a idea which is shopping online with Paul. I think it is best solution to keep both happy.